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Wrestling Against Evil

Are you a little overwhelmed with the horrors you are hearing about and reading about these days? I am. It seems every morning there is a new heartbreak, another voice of crazy shouting words of hatred and ugliness into our world. Anger marches down the street to destroy the innocent. Corrupt minds plot deception in their dark rooms. Words rip apart our relationships and diseases attack our fragile bodies. Each morning there is the newest daily dose of bad news.

"What is going on in this world of ours?" I think with dismay.

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Daddy’s Favorite

My head is in the sink, her hands in my hair, water streaming the chemicals down the drain, as I overhear her explain the meaning of her name; ‘Morning dew on orchid petals’. She is finishing a conversation with the woman who just stood up from where I now sit.

“I was the youngest of three daughters and my father named all of us. He wanted to give me the most beautiful name of all because, he said, I was the most beautiful… his favorite. Her accent holds to her Korean origins.

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The Arrogant Boy and a Bloody Coat

Do you have family you would contemplate selling off to traveling merchants? Family that you wouldn’t mind too much if they found themselves far, far away in a foreign land with little chance of ever showing up again at Thanksgiving dinner? 

 Most everyone has heard the story of Joseph. 

 If you read the story for yourself, you will realize that the children’s version of Joseph as a young man glosses right over his obnoxious personality.

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Paradise Interrupted

This morning as I stare into the greens of the leaves,

         edges white and glowing

         the sourwood limb draping down 

         in black shadow outline

         and the sun pierces through with its hot light;

I am in worship of my God,

My Creator.

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Seriously, We Were Created for What?

What an amazing thought.

I tend to forget about God’s rights to me. He designed me. He created me. In His own image. There must have been some purpose for such an elaborately designed creature such as myself.

Oh, there it is…dominion. Over the fish and the birds and the livestock and the earth and let’s not forget about every creeping thing. And be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. All of that is in there if you keep reading.

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The Wrong Answer

What do you do when God gives you the worst possible answer? We had prayed for repentance, renewal, restoration – yet God has rained down death and destruction upon the children’s heads.

Why would God do that – if there really is even such a being as God of the Universe – a good and caring God? Why would He not tip the cup forward to overflow with the things He loves: justice and righteousness?

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You Were Made for Me…

God and Adam had work to do on that first Saturday afternoon so long ago: the naming of the all the birds in the sky, the beasts, and the livestock. It was pretty sweet that God allowed Adam the honor of naming those living, breathing creations. I wonder if God was writing it all down in a thick bound book, His finger engraving their names in a godly calligraphy?

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