Welcome to small stories

of a big GOD!

Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC

The Tanners were great storytellers, and every Sunday, they gathered at my daddy’s childhood home. All conversation centered around Grandpa, the gentle and quiet Patriarch of our very southern family.

Great stories were told – often paused in the middle of the telling, waiting for the laughter to die down. I never wanted to miss a single word – even though I had probably heard the story before.

Those stories of my childhood gave me a very solid sense of belonging. I felt safe. Surrounded by love and security. My grandparents and aunts and uncles told stories of places I didn’t know and people that came before. There was history there. And continuity. What had been was solid and sure and real and offered a promise of what would be in the future.


God, in His unfathomable wisdom, chose to connect with us, His children, by telling us His stories. When I read His stories, I have to stop – and let them sink in.

I want to be there in the place and time when these stories were first told. I want to hear the voice of the storyteller. I want to look into the faces of the listeners. I want to hear the laughter – or touch the brokenness the story was meant to ease. I want to understand the wisdom buried there.

For me now, every story starts with God – the first Story Teller. I belong in God’s family, gathered with the others, listening to His words, looking into His face, hearing His laughter, soaking up His truth, His love.

God is so big, we cannot begin to comprehend Him, and so He tells us about Himself through ‘small stories’. This is where we start: with His words, with His stories. Small Stories of a Big God.

So sit with me in your favorite place, pull out your Bible and start with the scripture. Read God’s word out loud – the way it was originally intended, and you will find God’s words to you are incredibly powerful.


And then read my musings on God’s story. Hopefully these small stories will help you hear the amazing truths of a very big God. I will make room on the sofa for you.