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Who is this God we believe in, and does He really care about us? Genesis is more than a description of creation, it is God’s invitation to get to know Him and the people He calls His own. 

Story by story, God introduces His family. Walk under the starry sky of defeated Abraham. Hide behind locked doors with Lot and his terrified daughters. Listen in on Rebekah’s whispered kitchen instructions to her favorite son, Jacob, as they cook up a stew of trouble. Find out there’s more to Joseph than a spoiled little brother’s designer coat. More often than not, you’ll discover it’s the ‘good guys’ going down the wrong path with blood on their sandals.

God has been dealing with the mess of flawed and broken people from the very beginning. Through these intimate small stories from Genesis, we find the heart of a very Big God.

Georgia Tanner loves a good story. As an Emmy award-winning Director with commercial, television and movie credits she brings stories to film. As a Teaching Director for Community Bible Study for seventeen years, she wrote and delivered over 450 talks about God’s stories. Studying both the Old and New Testaments Georgia discovered that God is the center of every story. Leading small groups in her home for both Intown Community Church and Buckhead Church she realized that every story is connected.

Georgia and Jeff, her husband of over thirty years, make their home in Atlanta. Her husband and two children may have been the ones to ask for them, but the dogs always loved Georgia best. But that’s another story.